The Queen Anne’s Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle


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Crafted with meticulous detail, this masterpiece captures the majestic allure of the Concorde and the Concorde of Nantes. Immerse yourself in the legend as you assemble it. Get ready to conquer the waves with the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ultimate 3D metal puzzle for pirate enthusiasts.

Weight: 0.30 kg(0.66 lbs)
Dimensions: 19.5x6.5x16.0 cm(7.7x2.6x6.3 in)
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Model Pieces

439 pcs

Model Pieces

Assemly Time

14-15 hrs

Assemly Time

Difficulty Level


Difficulty Level

The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle_Description_1

The Story of The Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Queen Anne’s Revenge is a notorious pirate ship formerly known as the Concorde and the Concorde of Nantes. She was majestic and amazingly beautiful, like a beast of the sea. This legendary ship, known across the Seven Seas, terrifies pirates on the high seas. Quickly cutting a passage in the open ocean, the Queen Anne’s Avenger relies on formidable defenses and deadly weapons. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is said to have sailed laden with riches and treasures looted from hapless victims.

Calling All Pirate Enthusiasts!

This expertly crafted puzzle boasts a realistic metal construction and intricate details of the notorious pirate Blackbeard’s flagship. Assemble this 3D masterpiece and immerse yourself in stories of swashbuckling adventure and treasure hunting.

The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle_Description_2

Most Details

The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle_Description_3


Restore every detail.

The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle_Description_4


Metal cutting, no glue required.

The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle_Description_5


Golden accents make it even more unique.


  1. B* X* d* Verified Buyer

    This was my “first” metal model. I had made three bug brooches, which was fun same company…So then I was ready to take on the big guns. Do this model with no fear. If you are afraid, it will never make it out of the box. It’s all pix with very little written instructions. It will help to review ALL the pix before you start. I cut up the into fours to make it easier to manage. Then you cross reference the metal sheet to the corresponding paper reference to cut out the right part. I would also suggest that when you get to the rigging…you might be tempted to cut more than one piece at a time. Don’t. Do it, one piece at a time. The pix can be a little confusing, but look at the end of the rig piece, and follow it down. That’s where it goes. A magnifier is a must, along with really really good bright light. However, you will learn quickly how to hold it because it will blind you. It is metal after all.

    Beens this was my first, I made a few boo boos…but the bottom line is, if you boo boo, have a plan to fix it. Case in point: I bent one of the masts the wrong way, and when I bent it back the right way, it broke completely at the seam. Without a plan, it’s game over. You can use anything really….a piece of fabric….I had some silk clay on hand. The part needed to be folded was at a 90 degree angle. I made a template to hold that 90 degree angle. I made a scored piece of cardboard and bent it and laid the two pieces in and tilted it so the “point” was facing down. So, either fabric or silk clay (which will dry hard), but you need a binder. I used super glue. It worked really good and the repair was invisible. And because I repaired it at that 90 degree angle, I didn’t have to bend it.

    95 steps. To bend the tabs, use a wooden stick. If you slip, it won’t scratch. I will make a suggestion. When you bend the hull and get it into the right shape, I would reinforce the inside with your superglue fabric, in slits. You will understand when you get to that point.

    It does get dicey when doing the rigging. You have to manipulate it around without bending the parts you have already placed.

    I will say that one night it was on the table, work in progress and it fell on the floor…and I stepped on it. I sat down and it did my best to get it back into shape.

    Bottom line. It was fun and I learned a lot. Yes, I would make another one….probably the Flying Dutchman.

    The Queen Anne's Revenge 3D Metal Puzzle
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  2. E****** T**** B**** Verified Buyer

    Do you like a challenge? Do you like the constant headache and hair-pulling sensation? Do you ever feel like you need to know what crippling anxiety? What about the feeling of despair and wanting to give up and say meh and let it sit in the attic like all the other failed projects you said you will come back to like the peloton you put up there and now you have aged by 10 years and gained 50lbs you and me both know you do not need that burger sally and jerry that diet Coke doesn’t wipe out that number 5 combo you fat fat man *awkward smile here* then this product is for you!!!!!!!

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