AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle


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Experience the thrill of assembling and conquering with the AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle. Immerse yourself in the precision and power of this realistic replica, featuring a detachable barrel and a high-quality scope. Are you ready for the ultimate sniper challenge?

Weight: 0.80 kg(1.76 lbs)
Dimensions: 90.0x10.0x21.8 cm(35.4x3.9x8.6 in)
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Model Pieces

248 pcs

Model Pieces

Assemly Time

9-10 hrs

Assemly Time

Difficulty Level


Difficulty Level

AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle_Description_1

Extreme Simulation

Challenges you to assemble an incredibly detailed replica of the renowned AWM sniper rifle. With precision-cut pieces and step-by-step instructions, you’ll delight in the process of constructing this iconic firearm. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or a gun aficionado, this puzzle offers an exciting and immersive experience.

Leisure Time

Single shot anaglyph shooting, really manual bolt, lower supply magazine, anaglyph single shot, aim assist, cross assist. Foldable butterfly stands, easy to carry. Wooden storage box for easy storage, a variety of storage methods. For safety reasons, this product is designed with gentle force, we reject any violent form of entertainment, to protect children as well as students’ growing environment.

AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle_Description_5

Most Details

AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle_Description_2


Pull the bolt and load, one shot at a time, real shooting feeling.

AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle_Description_3


Replica magazine feeding method, using rolled paper bullets.

AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle_Description_4


Crosshair guide aiming, real alignment method, and added detail knob.


  1. R**** Verified Buyer


    There are two points where tle parts are a little loose. BUT! It’s actually good. In case of falling ore something the scoop will first detach itself and it should easy survive a fall
    I really like it.
    All I have to do more is to make more bullets
    I had tu change that special plastic scoop part to actually have a really working scope.

    AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle
    AWM Sniper Rifle 3D Wooden Puzzle
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  2. H***************** Verified Buyer

    We had so much fun doing this project! And the gun actually did shoot when we were finished! Its a cool little tabletop display now! Neat project if you’re looking for something to do indoors with your boys, or girls!

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  3. G a* Verified Buyer

    It works good no problems

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  4. N*** H****** Verified Buyer

    Cool for me!

    I’m not huge on puzzles or anything that requires sitting down for a while, but this one captivated me and amazed me with the process and parts. I definitely didn’t finish it in one day or even 2 days but I took my time and spent an hour on it here and there. Its been about he only thing to get me to sit still ever.
    Im beyond clumsy and inpatient and I finished this build perfectly which surprised me. If there is one thing you would purchase I’d make it this item all day. Best item I’ve came across ever. Great job!!

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  5. A* s*** N* Verified Buyer

    My 13 year old son used his allowance to purchase this kit to put together during our pandemic shut-in. He oscillated between excitement and extreme frustration. I joined him after he had put in a couple of hours and given up. I am so impressed with the engineering and construction of this kit. The pieces are all cut to the perfect size, the holes all match up. The tooth picks were challenging at times, but once we began waxing them prior to insertion, that task became more manageable. My son had no prior model making experience, and I can safely state that this was well beyond his ability to complete, if only because of its size. It took us several days, stretched over a couple of weeks to finish. I am so happy we had the opportunity to make this model together as it gave my son the chance to work through some difficult challenges, taught him problem solving skills, and it certainly improved his finger dexterity (beyond his normal video game work-out). In the end he was thrilled that the gun actually worked, though it didn’t shoot as far as he had hoped. I was shocked to see the elements we assembled actually functioning, like the safety, and the telescoping stock. This model is so cool, its elements are fantastic, and the engineering is top notch. If you are purchasing for a child, you may need to step in and lend a hand, but I believe the lessons learned are well worth the effort.

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